Why Down Payment Used Cars Beat Philadelphia No Money Down Cars

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How You Should Go About Auto Finance Shop in Philadelphia with Bad Credit and Low Money

no money down for a used car in Philadelphia


Here is a common question for many car buyers and it’s kind of easy to solve. How should I go about auto finance shopping? Before you answer this question you need to know what your credit score is, plain and simple. Low to no down payment used cars aren’t the worst idea but see what you can get pre-approved for a way before talking to a car dealership. Continue reading

Car Dealers Need To Sell More New Cars and Here’s Why

used cars for sale low down payment Philadelphia PA

Car dealers are now at the point where they have too many new cars sitting and that is bad for their bottom line. There are about four million new cars sitting on car lots right now.

That can mean a shift in what car dealership are doing they may not just fix and sell new and used cars in Philadelphia anymore. The four million cars just sat there so that will mean that car sales will be cool this year.

Some car dealerships are thinking of going all out with transportation centers with so many new cars on their car lots. You always have to be on your toes when you have four million cars just sitting I guess.

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Credit and Down Payment Factors for Low Interest Car Loans in Philadelphia With Bad Credit

low interest car loans with bad credit in Philly

I’m just going to be honest and tell you that bad credit auto loans have a little something to do with your credit score and a little to do with your down payment. Continue reading