How to Hunt Second Hand Car Lots in Atlanta With Bad Credit

low rate auto loans with bad credit atlanta

If your hunting down a car or a few cars but don’t have a clue about the auto financing and you don’t want to deal with the car dealers alone? Continue reading

Fixing Your Credit for a Used Car in Atlanta Georgia. Used Car Financing in Atlanta GA

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Fixing your credit is about paying off the bills you owe debt can be a huge blow to your credit score and that’s no lie. Biggest thing you can do is pay down your debt even if it’s $50 at least it’s something and the banks will be happy. Continue reading

Used Cars are Cheaper with a Down Payment in Atlanta Georgia

Used cars in Atlanta GA no money downAnything is fixable even your credit. Yes with a little time you can be on the greener side of the grass singing your favorite song.


But you have to be patient and work at raising your credit score. It helps when you want to purchase big ticket items like a car. Continue reading

How many cars Do You Need with Bad Credit in Atlanta Georgia? Shop Used Cars in Atlanta

Atlanta GA no money down car dealershipsHow much car do you really need is the question when there is only two people in the family and you don’t want to go out and spend a ton of money on a Cadillac. Those are kind of expensive vehicles even if it’s used. Continue reading

What Your Looking for When You Want to Purchase a Used Vehicle in Atlanta Georgia

used car no money down car dealer options in Atlanta GAIsn’t it a mystery how people can go on the web and find a car that fits their budget? Yeah it was a mystery to us to but after a while we just wanted to help people in Atlanta solve the mystery of owning their own car.

We have the ability to help any kind of car buyer in Marietta, Atlanta, and Johns Creek Georgia find a new or used car that works for their budget. We are not here to just sell you any car we want to sell you the right car that makes sense to you financially.  Continue reading

Keeping Your Debt Ratio Down For a Used Car in Atlanta Georgia

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When you are in the process of wanting to buy a car you need to check your credit. Checking for errors are worth it. You don’t want your credit to be out of wack when you are trying to purchase a vehicle in Atlanta with bad credit. Continue reading

Negotiating A Used Car in Atlanta Georgia – Used Car Dealerships in Atlanta GA

in house used car dealers in Atlanta GAYou want to negotiate the best price on a new or used car in Atlanta Georgia. Buying a car doesn’t sound like a good time but we can walk you though what needs to go down for you to be successful at it. Continue reading

New Year No Money Down Cars in Atlanta Georgia

You want a new car for the New Year? Great! Here are a few things you need to get started with:


  • Know your credit score before you buy
  • Talk to a local car dealership
  • Apply for the auto loan online
  • Know your down payment strategy

approved car loan no money down atlanta Continue reading