Buying a Used Car with Little Money Down in Atlanta Georgia – Used Car Lots in Atlanta GA

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Now there are some hidden costs with a car that you don’t want to forget about. Like you will have to cover the cost of a license plate and you will need to pay sales tax on your vehicle but if you ask the auto lender might put that price into the total for the car loan. Continue reading

10 Easy Ways To Pay Off Your Car in Atlanta Georgia

subprime auto financingYou want to pay off your car loan faster? Here we can help you with some great tips on how to make sure your car is no longer a money pig for you.


We know you don’t have the full price for the car so you will need an auto loan and those sometimes can get you in trouble. But here are few ways to pay your car payment. Continue reading

Narrow Down Your Car Search With Bad Credit Car Dealers in Atlanta

bad credit car dealers in AtlantaIf you have bad credit? You’re probably looking for a bad credit car dealer in Atlanta. We are here to help you get connected with a car dealer that can approve you for the best interest rate. Continue reading