Why Doing Your Homework on a Used Car in Atlanta Georgia is So Important

how to afford a used car in Atlanta GA

It’s never easy to find a car that you want without feeling robbed at the car dealership, right? That’s why you want to do your homework and make sure the car is right for you. Continue reading

How To Get Auto Loans on Disability Income in Atlanta

disability auto loans atlantaWe get this question a lot, do we accept disability or social security for auto loans. The answer is YES! we can get you approved for subprime auto loans in Atlanta when your on both disability or social security. Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Atlanta Subprime Auto Loans Can Be Hard To Get

subprime financing Atlanta There’s a lot hat goes into buying a car in  Atlanta and we want you to be prepare for it all. Now a lot of car lenders say that your credit is 97% of the reason why you don’t get approved for a loan. Continue reading

Auto Loan Approval After Bankruptcy in Atlanta

FORD TRUCKBankruptcy isn’t as bad as people say that it is. Yeah it sucks that you have to file but the life saver it can be is okay. Once you file for bankruptcy you can take on new debt but the court needs to approve it first. Continue reading

$99 New or Used Car Special in Atlanta

testEveryone wants to get a car and who can blame you? We can’t but we can help you get the car you want. That is what we do in Atlanta is help people with subprime credit get into an affordable car. Continue reading