Finding the Best Used Cars Under $1000 in Houston Texas. Houston, TX Car Lots Under $1000

used car down payment options in Houston Texas

Its really no joke a lot of people go online to find the best used cars under $1000 I thought most people look for new cars but believe it or not most people look for used cars in Houston. Continue reading

Simplest Form Of Used Car Buying in Houston Texas. No Down Payment Pre-Owned Cars Houston TX

saving for a down payment on a used car houston TX

Car buying in the simplest form is about saving for a down payment no matter where or when you purchase the car. You don’t want an auto loan any more than 5 years so a 60 month car loan is great. Continue reading

What You Need For A Decent Down Payment On A Used Car in Houston Texas With Low Income

down payments for a used car in Houston TX

Are you worried that you won’t have enough to make a down payment that’s worth it on a used car? What about your income don’t think that’s enough?


Well there are a million was to save for a down payment and making a budget for one but you have to figure out what works best for you in your given situation. Continue reading

The Huge Event of Buying a Car in Houston Texas

used car dealers in Houston TexasTo most buying a car is a huge event, its one of the most expensive things you will ever buy in your life beside a house and maybe get a college education. An education is important for most people too. Continue reading

Having fun buying low mile used car in Houston Texas

Do you want to have fun buying a used car in Houston Texas? Than comparing auto loan rates and used car reviews online is where you need to start.


Yes it can be a complex decision picking out a used car with a great auto loan rate and if you don’t want to hop on the web and make something happen maybe talk to your bank or a local credit union, credit unions have the best auto loan rates.

no money down cars in Houston Texas

I mean going towards a used car is not a bad idea as 90% or more of drivers in Houston the current car they are whipping around in is a used car. Continue reading


auto loans in houstonA recent poll has revealed that 771,327 out of Houston’s 2,571,090 populations have bad credit.

The days are long gone when bad credit was a stigma and the ability to get a bad credit auto loans was very difficult. Besides, most lenders expect borrowers to have exceptional credit which is not an easy task these days. The point is everyone needs some form of financial aid and or help at some point in their life for one reason or another. This could be a credit loan to purchase a home or an automobile which is often met by rejection from credit unions or banks because of bad credit history. Continue reading

Bad Credit Auto Loans Are Available In Houston

low cost loans in HoustonBad credit auto loans are available in Houston to everyone regardless of their credit history, but you need act fast and get your credit report so you can verify if there any mistakes.  Verifying and correcting those mistakes will help you get into that secondhand car in the Houston area quicker than anything else you can do. Continue reading