Leasing or Buying a Car With Bad Credit in Dallas Texas. Bad Credit Car Buying in Dallas Texas

affording a used car in Dallas Texas

Don’t think about leasing a car when you have bad credit because most cases you need a better credit score to lease than you need to buy a car in Dallas Texas when you have bad credit. Continue reading

There are More Used Cars Than New Cars on the Road in Dallas Texas

Used car financing in Dallas Texas

Right now you will see more used car on the road than ever before and its really no surprise to anyone, there just cheaper and if you take good care of them the car will last over 100,000 miles for you. Continue reading

Your Next Car Loan Avoid Paying To Much in Dallas

car financing in Dallas with bad creditYou may spend hours doing research car prices in Dallas, but make sure the vehicle financing is a good deal too.


Run your credit report, it will alert you for any possible shortcomings in your credit profile. You can request a credit report once a year, its a good idea to get know what your credit score is. Avoid other credit report services that have hidden fees, like freecreditreport.com they say its free but they charge you monthly without you knowing you have to cancel. Continue reading