Being Single and Working on a Financial Budget For Used Cars

budgeting for a used car in Dallas Texas

If your single and I know that a ton of people don’t like to share finances even in a relationship and that’s fine too. But it’s a good idea to get with a guide if you want to save money for lets say a new or used car in Dallas Texas. Continue reading

Here’s Why You Need To Compare Used Cars Before You Buy in Dallas Texas

used car financing in Dallas TX The end goal of car shopping is to purchase a car right? Yes we think so to. What’s the point of looking at cars on the web if you can’t buy it?


But you want to have a stress-free time of car shopping do you not with the web? Plus be placed with a car dealer near you in Dallas Texas that’s not going to make you a hoop jumper? Continue reading

What to Look for with Black Friday Used Car Deals in Dallas Texas – Low money down car payments near Dallas TX

Used car financing low down payment dallas txHave you been waiting all year for a new or used car? Now that Black Friday is around the corner you can find the new and used car deals that everyone is advertising in Dallas Texas.


There are so many car dealers that are advertising for $99 down car payments in Dallas to zero down car payments all over the radio.

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Car Buying in Dallas Texas With Your Tax Refund – No Money Down Car Dealers in Dallas TX

Dallas TX no money down car dealershipsIf you are in the market for a new or used car now is the time to start saving and what you can save now can be added on to your tax refund for a better down payment. Tax season is right around the corner and car dealerships are gearing up for it and you should too. Continue reading

Reestablish Your Credit Score With A Bad Credit Car Loan in Dallas

Bad credit car loans in dallasThere are many ways to reestablish your credit score so that you can buy a car with the bad credit that you have. There are 3 credit bureaus in the US, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.


A perfect credit score in Dallas for a car is 850 the American average is 661, and the lost possible score is 300. Some credit score components are payment history, outstanding debt, frequency of applied credit applications, and types of credit you own. Continue reading