Finding Cheap Used Car Payments in Dallas Texas – $0 down car payments in Dallas TX

The web is a great spot for cheap used cars. There are car buyers on the web daily looking to find a down payment on a used car that will work for them. But there are times that having bad credit doesn’t play well into the mix and you either have a car you paid to much for or you have an extremely high interest rate on the used car. Continue reading

Benefits of An Auto Title Loan in Dallas With Poor Credit

auto title loans in dallasWhat is the benefits of an auto title loan in Dallas, well there is the speed, it takes 30 minutes to fill out an application and you can do that right now. You will walk out with a locally drawn check at the end of the process. It will take weeks or even months to a car loan at the back. Continue reading

Your Next Car Loan Avoid Paying To Much in Dallas

car financing in Dallas with bad creditYou may spend hours doing research car prices in Dallas, but make sure the vehicle financing is a good deal too.


Run your credit report, it will alert you for any possible shortcomings in your credit profile. You can request a credit report once a year, its a good idea to get know what your credit score is. Avoid other credit report services that have hidden fees, like they say its free but they charge you monthly without you knowing you have to cancel. Continue reading

2013 The Year in Cars

car financing in Dallas 2013 was a bumper year for car sales in the USA. The bigger winners were the SUV cars and city cars.

The Ford Fiesta got a boost with the redeveloped ST, the Ford Focus continues to be a top seller, its been hugely popular since 2009.

In 2014 you will see the first release of the Mustang in Europe. Wondering if buyers will be excited? We wonder that too! Continue reading

Reestablish Your Credit Score With A Bad Credit Car Loan in Dallas

Bad credit car loans in dallasThere are many ways to reestablish your credit score so that you can buy a car with the bad credit that you have. There are 3 credit bureaus in the US, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion.


A perfect credit score in Dallas for a car is 850 the American average is 661, and the lost possible score is 300. Some credit score components are payment history, outstanding debt, frequency of applied credit applications, and types of credit you own. Continue reading