Car Loan Tips For Boston Car Buyers Start With The Right Auto Financing With Bad Credit

Bad credit auto dealers no money down Boston MA

You want to find a car new or used that’s going to fit your budget and your lifestyle. You never want to own a car that’s going to make you have to miss a car payment. You actually want to make sure your car payment is paid on time each month. Why? Because it can affect your credit score and that can be bad for future purchases down the road. Continue reading

Secondhand Cars In Boston

second hand cars in bostonWhy is it so expensive to live in the Boston area, with groceries costing almost 90% more than a national average, healthcare costing over 26% more than a national average, and utilities costing more than 41% over the national average is it any wonder there’s a whole bunch of us that are still stuck in a hole? I was trying to get a car but no one wanted to bother with me because of my past, luckily I found this website may say they would finance my future and they did. Continue reading