How You Can Save Money on a Used Car in Indianapolis Indiana. Budgeting For a Used Car Indy IN

used cars for sale with bad creditBuying a car is all about saving but if you don’t know how to save buying a car can be hard to do over time but with the right tips or thoughts on what to do with your money the better off you can be. Continue reading

5 Dos and Don’t of buying a New or Pre-Owned Car – Car Buying Tips for Indianapolis Car Buyers

used cars in Indianapolis IndianaBuying a car is usually something you have to do if you want to travel or go back and forth to work unless you have a different mode of transportation which might be a scooter or a bike or you can even walk.


Most of us need a car somewhere down the road in our lives. We have some dos and don’t for car buying so lets break them down. Continue reading

Saving Money For a Used Car in Indianapolis Without Going Broke

used car loans in Indianapolis INWouldn’t you love to save up for a car? Lets say you found a used car for $9,000 saving might seem like the end of the world but break it down in to like pieces it’s nothing big.


What we are saying is this if you save $450 a week for 3.5 months you will have enough money to pay cash for that new car. Continue reading

When is it Time for a Used Car in Indianapolis Indiana – Shopping Used Car Lots in Indianapolis

used car financing in IndianapolisAre you thinking that its time for a car in your parts of Indianapolis? Its okay to say yes. Everyone needs a car to get around but did you know that half of the people on the road are actually driving a pre-owned vehicle in Indianapolis? Yes, why? it’s just cheaper.

New cars have this thing, there cool to drive off the car lot but once you do that you lose around $10,000 off the car. Now if you buy a $30,000 car its valued now at $20,000 so you need to enjoy that new car you bought for maybe 5 years.  Continue reading

What are The Options for Used Cars With Bad Credit in Indianapolis – Used Car Dealers in Indianapolis IN

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Did you just get a job and now it’s time for you to crack the whip for a used car in Indianapolis? Are you close to picking a car? All you need to work with a car dealership with is a few pay stubs. Continue reading

Buying a Car in Indianapolis IN starts with Knowing your Credit Score – Bad Credit Car Dealers in Indianapolis

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Is there an easy way to buy a car in Indianapolis, Indiana with bad credit? No there’s not but there are easier ways to get the car you want with bad credit and it all starts with knowing your credit score. Continue reading

Bad Credit Auto Financing in a Nutshell for Indianapolis – Used Car Dealers in Indiana

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Let’s just start with YES you can own a car with bad credit but to dig a bit deeper and find out how. There are a few requirements and knowing how high your credit score is one of them. Continue reading

The Benefits of a used car in Indianapolis with Bad Credit – Used Car Lots For Bad Credit in Indianapolis

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One way to get a car is to talk it up with the car dealership. Not just one but a few of them. You might get a fish to bite as they say.


Being a car dealer’s worst nightmare when buy a car new or used in Indianapolis is one way to get what you want. And hey you might be able to save some money in doing so on the car payment or the over all price of the car. Continue reading

Check List For New or Used Cars in the Indianapolis Indiana Area – Used Car Lots for Bad Credit


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Every car on every car lot in America has to have some kind of check list. Rather it be a new or used car in Indianapolis you need to find a used car check list before you buy the car. Continue reading