What You Need To Know About Used Car Down Payments in Atlanta Georgia

Used cars for sale with bad credit atlanta gaNot very many people know that they can purchase a car with a credit card. Not that we recommend it at all. Its not something you should put a ton of faith in but yes car dealerships will accept payment for a car with a credit card if you have the limit for it. Continue reading

Buying a Used Car in Atlanta with No Money Down

People are purchasing cars like crazy and it does seem to be slowing down any time soon. If you need a car you just go to the nearest car dealership and hackle on price most people do that. But there is a better way to hackle down the price of a car.


And going online for car loans is the answer and we can help you narrow down your rate and lock in your price range for a car. Just tell us what you’re looking for in the Atlanta area car wise and we will target in on a new or used car.

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New Year No Money Down Cars in Atlanta Georgia

You want a new car for the New Year? Great! Here are a few things you need to get started with:


  • Know your credit score before you buy
  • Talk to a local car dealership
  • Apply for the auto loan online
  • Know your down payment strategy

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