How a Down Payment on a Used Car Can Help You in the Purchase in Cleveland Ohio

Auto financing can be hard in Cleveland Ohio but the web is here to help you narrow down the path you go for a new or used car in Cleveland. Now shopping for the right car can take some time, usually to find the right car with bad credit it takes about 3 months.  Continue reading

Purchasing a Car in Cleveland With No Money Down and Bad Credit

So you want to purchase a car for the New Year? Sounds like a good idea! Do you know what your credit score is at or what interest rate you want to pay? Or the bigger question do you know what kind of down payment you’re looking at for the car?


These are all kinds of questions you need to answer if you want to purchase a car in Cleveland. Yes your credit is very important because that tells the dealer if you can afford the car they want to sell you.

no money down cars in Cleveland Ohio Continue reading