Why You Don’t Want To Destroy The Resale Value of Your Used Car

resale value of a used car in Atlanta Ga

Buying or selling a car can be tough so you want to keep in mind the resell value of the vehicle you want to have a car that people are going to want to purchase so don’t go out and get a bold colored car, a solid color car to purchase would be black. Continue reading

Is Debt Killing Your Dream For a Used Car or Any Car in Atlanta Georgia – Used Cars with Debt in ATL

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Debt is a killer for people that want to buy a car. If we were to help you buy a car with a large amount of debt that already existed we would say start paying on it now. Continue reading

When To Start Negotiations on A Used Car in Atlanta GA

used cars for sale atlanta gaWhen your buying a used car, or any car really you want or should want to do a fair amount of research. When the negotiations begin for the used car you should have a good idea of what the car is worth. Continue reading

What Brand of Car Do You Want Atlanta?

Affordable atlanta $49 carsSo your in the market for a new car in Atlanta and you have so many choices to pick from with a car. But you don’t know where to start and what brand of car is good for the over all value of a car.  Continue reading

Used Cars And Kids in Atlanta Georgia

subprime credit auto financing port wentworth GAYou want to buy a new car but don’t want to spend a lot of money because your kids are going to use the car too.


Not a problem a subprime credit car loan can help you get a used car in Atlanta. And the reason we say you might want to get a used car in Atlanta is because of the driving habits of young kids.


Kids don’t car has much as you would like them to about cars. Its comes with age but used cars with subprime car loans in Atlanta are simple and can happen in 2 minutes.


We want to work to get you a good car loan with bad credit car loans.

Look For Red Flags When Buying A Car in Atlanta

car loans in Atlanta for bad creditBad credit can put you down in the dumps to buy a car if you don’t know the car loan options. Having some help with car loan options can brighten your day. The best way to raise your credit is to get a credit card possibly with a credit line of $1, 000. Continue reading

Used Car For Sale With Bad Credit in Atlanta GA

used cars in atlanta for sale for bad creditEveryone want a car but can’t always afford one and there are many reasons why one person couldn’t afford a car either because of bad credit or don’t have enough money  for a down payment whatever the problem is it can be solved  with a used car for sale with bad credit in Atlanta. Continue reading