Used Car Buying at Car Dealerships in Chicago Illinois

car dealerships in ChicagoBuying a used car can be complicated and some car dealerships in Chicago don’t make it easy. That’s why talking to the car dealerships is a handy first move to make. Well actually looking online at the used car inventory might seem better. Continue reading

How To Figure Out If a Used Car is Worth It in Chicago Illinois

Are used cars worth it in Chicago

Used cars can be very hard to evaluate. What to buy what not to buy you can really rack your brain on the good and bad.


How to appraise if a used car is a good deal in Chicago Illinois


Here is a great way to appraise a used car that you’re interested in purchasing in Chicago.


  • Walk carefully around the car. You want to ideally look for damage on the car so you have to do a complete inspection. Look at everything headlights to taillights, windshield to tires.



  • Look at the inside of the vehicle. Are the seats in good condition or have they been recently repaired? Looking at the dashboard to see if there is any wear on it too. You want to purchase a used car that’s going to last a few years. If you’re looking at a used car at three years old you shouldn’t have much to worry about as long as the car dealer has done most of the upkeep.



  • Start the car does it start? Check out the windows, AC, power locks, the sunroof, mirrors, and seats. You may even want to take a look at the battery because if the car stalls there can be issues. It’s happened before.



  • When you have the car started you want to pop open the hood and take a look for any fluid leaks or engine rattles even look at the sheet metal.



  • Take the used car for a spin maybe a half hour. Open it up on the high way listen for any abnormal sounds. Check the brakes. Turn on the cruise control and pay attention to the car’s suspension.



  • After you have done all of that do your reviewing of what is selling at other used car dealerships in the Chicago area. Advice other used car online listings nearby in Chicago. Use a blue book value of the preowned car.



  • Look at mileage but if the car is well kept and in “good condition” go with your gut and what the papers say.


Be fair when buying a used car in the Chicago area

You want to be fair with your assessment and make sure you’re getting the best-used car deal in Chicago. So take your time don’t let a car dealer push you to make a decision on a preowned car in 20 minutes or less.


If you buy or finance through a car dealership make sure you connect with the right car dealer with your auto financing needs. You don’t want to overspend on a used car when you don’t have too.


Financing can be tricky so many rebates how do you know if its worth it or not? Car dealers might even throw in a new car offer and most of the time car dealers will over better financing if you don’t already have it so have a number in mind or have the financing already in place that you’re comfortable with.

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