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Simple Credit Mistakes to Avoid for a Used Car in Pittsburgh PA – Used Car Dealers PA

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A lot of people have credit issues and they want to buy a car. There are a ton of people that make simple credit score mistakes and we want to help you avoid them for the time you want to purchase a car.

Credit issues for used cars in Pittsburgh

People that have credit problem usually just close the old accounts they have. You never want to close a credit card that’s sole purpose is to raise your FICO sore.


You want to keep your credit card utilization at around 10% when trying to raise your credit score. So if your credit limit is $1,000 you want to just spend $100 on the card.


Don’t take to long to shop for the best rate work with a company that can get you place for a car loan in Pittsburgh. When people shop for rates you usually have about 30 days to make a move and it won’t affect your credit score.

Don’t do this to your credit score

Do not max out your credit cards because you look like a risk to lenders and lenders don’t like to take on risk. The less you spend on your credit cards the better its going to look when you’re buying a car or a house. Lenders like to be paid back for the money they give out.


So you can do a few things either shop for a used car in Pittsburgh or save up the money for a down payment on the car. The more cash you have for a used car the less you will have to finance. Therefore car dealers will be able to help you negotiate with the auto lenders.

Be matched with a used car dealer in Pittsburgh PA

What we can do for you is match you with the best used car dealer in your area of Pittsburgh that can handle your current credit and finances. We help people daily find the car that makes most sense to them financially.


So if you know your credit score and budget for a used car in Pittsburgh get started with your auto loan. A drive away today with a car you can afford.



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