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How Are You Saving Your Down Payment For A Used Car in Houston TX


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how are you saving for a used car in Houston Texas

Are you saving for a used car? But just don’t know how to really get there? It’s not as easy as they say it can be for most people and I know that to be true because I have been in that boat your trying to save up the cash for a decent down payment on a used car in Houston and life hits you.

Houston Texas used car financing options

You’re not alone it happens to all of us we want to save money the best way we know how but things can get expensive just like car financing a new car costs around $26,900 and that can be a big pill for some of us to swallow.

But if you have an idea in mind of how your going to pay for a car, a used car at that you can be better prepared at the car dealership its not always fun but its an experience none the less.

What you want to do first is work on the down payment on the used car by saving into a “fake bank account” yes banks have these most banks call them rainy day accounts and they can be super helpful for saving.

When talking down payment on a used car

If you have a large down payment for a used car usually what can happen is the Houston car dealership in some cases might match your down payment, there are a ton of car dealerships now doing that throughout Texas.

Larger down payments on cars can mean smaller monthly car payments and that a good thing if your looking to buy and also save for other expenses. Its not so good if your looking to lease a car in Houston and you can’t really lease a used car you would have to lease new.

Picking the right auto lender in Houston Texas

Next, you want to make sure your credit score is decent because most auto lenders look at your credit to see what the likely hood of you paying the auto loan back would be in Houston Texas. There is also the option of a buy here pay here car dealer in Houston they don’t take such a serious look at your credit for an auto loan.