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How You Know You Have The Right Down Payment For a Used Car Dealer

ARIZONA used car financing

Car dealers don’t look down on a down payment of any kind but the eye opener is this the bigger the down payment the less you have to finance.

Financing isn’t hard if you pay your bills on time. But there is always that long car loan term that we all hate to deal with.

Now you have two options with a car you can buy it or lease it. Well that’s what the car dealerships say but the fact of the matter is which one is going to put you further ahead.

Be smart at the Phoenix used car dealership

To be honest buying a used car in Phoenix Arizona would be a smart move if you have the money saved up for the down payment. Now let’s say the used car you’re looking at is $15,000 you want to have a down payment of $1,500.

Yes a $500 down payment would work too but you want to go with the most out of pocket you can because it will shorten the length of the auto loan.

Now that’s where the art of negotiating comes in because the dealer say $15,000 you want to try and get it for $12,000 you save yourself some cash and a larger down payment option.

The down payment options might be a $500 or a $800 down option to start but if you can put $1,000 down on the used car the better for you and the monthly payments.

The two things you don’t do at the car dealership

Used car loans in Phoenix AZ

Now don’t just put down the cash. There are two things you never do at a used car dealership in Phoenix. One, show your money and two never buy a car with out a test drive, even if it’s certified.

Helping car buyers connect with car lots in Phoenix is what we work on for you with a simple auto loan form.

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