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The Upkeep Tips For Your Used Car

Used car upkeep tips

Here are some quick and easy tips you may not know for car care.


A fast way to get frost of your car is to spray the windows and windshield with rubbing alcohol when you go to start your car in the morning.


The upkeep on your used car


You might now need new wipers after all. Just use some rubbing alcohol and that should do the trick.


There is a tip for keeping your doors from freezing shut and that’s to use WD 40 on the liner of your vehicle. You should only have to do this one time for the winter season.


If your stuck in the snow and can’t get any traction? Use your floor mats, put them under your tires and go in reverse.


When your keyless remote stops working don’t go to the car dealership just pry open the remote and see what size the battery is and go to the hardware store and buy a two pack of batteries. It’s honestly cheaper than the car dealership charging you $150 to replace the battery.


Instead of going out and buying car fresheners that sit on your mirror and really don’t do anything after two days. Take some dryer sheets and stick them under the two front seats this will be cost effective and make your car smell fresh every time you get into it.


One other trick we like to use at is cleaning our dirty windshield. Don’t go out and buy anything, if you have a spray bottle? Fill it with club soda and spray the windshield, wait a few minutes and then turn on the wipers.


Now there are a few tips that may save you a few bucks and make the upkeep of your used car that much easier.


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