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Look at Your Credit Score First Before Buying a Used Car in Dallas Texas

affording a used car in Dallas Texas

Everyone wants to know how to improve their credit score but do you want to put in the work? Most people don’t and it’s sad there are 70 million people that have bad credit and it can kind of all be fixed with the right mindset.


Rather you fixing your credit for a car loan or a mortgage which those are normally the reasons why someone wants to fix their credit is because the interest is not any good for the auto loan or mortgage or the annual fee for a credit card is way up in the $500’s.


Take a look at your credit for a used car in Dallas Texas


So let’s get you started on fixing your credit score.


  1. You want to get a copy of your credit report.
  2. You want to identify the negative issues on your credit report.
  3. Pay off any credit card balances ASAP even if you start with the minimum payment. Making partial payments throughout the month is good too.
  4. Contact the collection company and ask if they will remove the account of the report if you say you will pay it.
  5. Don’t pay it if the collection company won’t take the account off your credit report.
  6. It’s okay to dispute every negative item on your report.
  7. Dispute negative items on your report.
  8. You will want to get added on to a family member’s credit card to start building “good credit” again.


Now, this is a start and you need to be aware of what your credit report says and get help if you need answers for credit repair questions.


You need a good credit score to buy almost everything in life and that goes for a used car in Dallas Texas at the best auto loan rate possible.


What car dealers and auto lenders look at the most is payment history when it comes lending out more for a used car so it important to make your payments on time no matter what and a down payment can cut down the stress of a higher monthly payment.


call for bad credit auto financing


What the car dealerships in Dallas want to see most with bad credit car buyers


Most car dealerships in Dallas want $700 – $1000 on a used car down payment but in all honesty, any money down will help even $100 down on a used car in Dallas Texas will help.


So to get past the “bad credit” life watch your payment history is all we can advise and that will ultimately help you at a Dallas Texas car dealership.