Best Ways To Negotiate Cars in Chicago New or Used

Negotiate cars in ChicagoWhen negotiating a new or used car it can be hard for some of us to say no, it’s normal but there are good ways to say no to a car dealership and still leave happy. We have some car buyer savvy ways to negotiate cars in Chicago.


Talk about the out the door price of the vehicle


One strategy is to negotiate the out the door price. Now you can see this coming with a break down of the extra add-ons usually posted on the car. That’s actually one way out is to tell the car dealer you want the car but you’re not paying for the extras. You plain and simple want to just see you’re out the door price.


It’s okay to ask for a break down of the add-ons and fees any car dealer will know what you are looking for.


Be a savvy car buyer in Chicago


Next strategy would be making the refusal fast any car salesman knows how to pinpoint a savvy car buyer. The car salesman will streamline the buying process just to move the new or used car if he knows you have done your research. So it’s okay to say no firmly and right away so the car salesman knows you aren’t playing any games.


Saying that I know it’s your job to present the car with all the features, I am not in the market to purchase any extras and the up sell will mostly likely stop.

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Know what you want from the new or used car


One of the last strategies that we know of for car dealerships in Chicago is to have a fallback answer. If the car salesman is pushy with the add-on speech you can answer with “Well I don’t intend to have the car for more than three years. That will mean you will or should be covered by the factory warranty. Car salesman will try anything to move vehicles so keep that in mind.


These three strategies should help avoid any confusion and prompt you with an affordable vehicle in Chicago.


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