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How a Loaner Car Can Make You Upgrade Your Used Car in Chicago Illinois

Used Cars in Chicago Illinois

Here is a question that you may have if you’ve never been to a car dealership in Chicago? What’s a loaner car? The simplest way to explain this is when you go to the car dealership to have something fixed on your everyday driver. If you have used cars in Chicago Illinois the car dealer may give you a loan car just to make you think about upgrading your used car.

The car dealership will give you what they call a “loner car”. To break it down further it’s a rental car that the car dealership will pay for while your car is getting fixed.

What a loan car can be used for in the Chicago area

So a trick that many car dealers pull to help with car sales is while your getting lets say an oil change on your used car in Chicago they may give you an upgraded model to entice you to upgrade from the used car you currently have.

Now please note not all car dealerships in Chicago do this but it’s a way to get you to think about a new car.

At times your auto insurance company may cover the cost of the rental car from the car dealership because it’s the cheapest way to go.

But most of the time if a car dealership is trying to give you a rental car while your used car is being serviced they are really trying to tell you something and want you to buy new.

Most people that go for the rental cars are most of the time pissed that they have to get the used car fixed and they want to make someone pay for it so they usually hand it off to the insurance company and do the $15 a rental car because it’s not on them.

Used car maintenance may be something you don’t like but depending on how often you might be able to get loaner cars to use for the day.

You higher end car dealerships will be willing to foot the bill for a loan car just to get the repeat business.

But don’t be shocked if they try and persuade you into a newer model car that has minimal issues and is a certified used car from the dealership in Chicago Illinois that does happen.

If you are in need of a better model certified used cars in Chicago

If your looking to get into a better model certified used car in Chicago we can connect you to local car lots that have low miles certified used cars