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The Best Car Perks For Being a Costco Member in Chicago Illinois

low money down used cars in Chicago IL

Did you know there are some great perks of being a member at Costco and owning a car new or used? Costco will help you try and get low money down used cars in Chicago IL with the negotiation they have with local car dealers.


Costco is said to be a good thing for car lovers if you are one of the millions out there.


Car perks when you’re a Costco member


They offer all sorts of perks to buying auto parts to accessories to getting your used car serviced or repaired.


Hey, you can get a new set of tires for your used car pretty cheap at Costco. As a member of Costco, you will be able to get great deals on items such as dashboard cameras, wax kits, wiper blades, Which I have a set on my used car right now, not to bad.


A lot of the items you would need for your car can be purchased online.


One big thing that Costco is known for is saving you money on gas and the pumps at Costco are often cheaper than the local gas stations in most states.


Another large benefit is the rental car possibilities, Costco has partnered with some of the largest car rental places to help you get a rental car deal for traveling.


If your looking to replace your tires Costco can be cheaper for a set of tires that your local car dealerships in Chicago can’t even compete with.


Costco doesn’t offer insurance for individuals or families anymore but they have partnered with Ameriprise for auto and home insurance that can pass on the savings.


The next thing they can offer is something that not all stores have but car washing. There are only 11 stores right now that can offer this car washing service.


The service includes spot free rinse, wax, and tire shine. The locations are in Arizona, California, Idaho, Washington, and Tennessee.


Costco has an auto program that allows you to buy new and used cars in Chicago Illinois they help you connect with local car dealerships in the Chicago area that they have already negotiated the lowest price.



Just to let you know the price for the used car is normally $1000 under the price you would usually pay,


Need help with certified used cars in Chicago Illinois with low money down


If you need help finding certified used cars in the Chicago area we can help you too. We work with local car dealers to get low money down car loans in Chicago IL for used cars. You can start by filling out the online car loan form.