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Should You Negotiate a Lease Car and Used Cars in Philadelphia PA – Used Car Lots in Philly PA

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Used car loans in Philadelphia PA

When leasing a car did you know that it’s in you best interest to negotiate for a better deal on the lease?


It’s the same as if you where to negotiate $2,000 of a car when buying it. You always want to negotiate the MSRP price not the dealer price.


If you are looking for a car in Philadelphia you want to shop rates before you buy and see what you can get approved for before you buy. You can save a lot of money if you negotiate the price the manufacture has on the car.

What we can do for used cars in Philadelphia PA

We can help you get the conversation started on any car you would like. The car dealers we work with are the closest thing to bad credit car dealers as your going to get.


But no matter the car you always want to negotiate the price and make yourself happy rather it’s a lease or you’re just buying the car. Don’t pay full price for the car.


Car dealers will be amazed if you start negotiating at the MSRP over the sticker price.


You want to save as much as you can if you’re going to lease and if you can keep $2,000 in your pocket for the lifetime of the lease why not? Right we would do the same too.


The same goes for used cars in Philadelphia you want to price match with other local car dealers and pin point the MSRP with the used car you want and than walk into the car dealer and see what they can do for you.

Questions to ask on used car in Philadelphia PA

Not a lot of car buyers with used cars know to ask the question what is the price the manufacture has on the car. The sticker price as some profit in the number for the car dealership so no matter the car dealer always ask about the prices of the vehicles.


And you might be able to tear them down a bit for you. Once the car is driven off the car lot the car loses 9% of its new car value. So just be aware of that with any car. The more money you keep in your pocket the better.



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