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Should You Borrow Money From Family For a Used Car in Raleigh NC

Low payment auto loans in Raleigh NC

Should you borrow money from a family member or a friend for a car? Its honestly up to you but I honestly don’t recommend borrowing any money from anywhere unless it’s the bank or the car dealership itself.

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You might be better off saving money for a used car in Raleigh North Carolina then asking a family member for cash. Or you can save some cash on your own for a down payment on a more affordable used car in Raleigh.

Saving your own cash or working with a local credit union might be the best decision for a used car it will cut out the awkwardness when your family wants to collect on the debt.

Not the best option to ask family for used car money in Raleigh NC

It’s not the best feeling to owe family members any money ever. The best reward is to save the money to buy the car yourself you don’t want to pay to much for a used car in Raleigh so search used cars in Raleigh that are inexpensive might be the best “go-to” plan.

Auto financing I know can be a tall task and having now the average car payments being seven years it tempting to ask family for money but it’s up to you if you think it’s worth it.

There are also so many other ways to find a car like a look at used cars that are cheap in Raleigh. You don’t want to have a large monthly payment and not a lot of people like to do it either so it’s understandable.

Shop for a used car that’s about 10% of your take-home income if you can find a used car that can be financed that way. It might take a little while to find a local used car deal but it will be worth the money.

There is a lot that can go wrong with taking family money so it’s not my go-to option. Auto loans can help your credit if you look at the right car dealerships that are set up to handle low payment auto loans in Raleigh North Carolina.

Shop a used car in Raleigh as a smart car buyer

Don’t chase a used car just on the payment alone. Yes ask the car dealership what the car will cost monthly but you want to have a better idea of the cost of the used car overall. I mean the total cost of the used car.

Preowned cars are honestly the best route to go for low prices and the dealers usually have more deals on cars to move their inventory.

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