Looking For Used Cars in Tampa Florida That Don’t Depreciate

used cars in Tampa FloridaWhen you look for new or used cars in Tampa Florida it’s really not the gas prices or the auto insurance that dings your wallet it’s the depreciation of the car that sits on your wallet.

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Used cars that won’t burn you financially down in Tampa Florida


Really buying used cars in Tampa Florida help you avoid taking the hit for the value of the car. But there are used cars out there in Tampa FL that actually gains value as the vehicle gets older. Find affordable used cars near Tampa that still over the years can hold their value.


  • A 911 Porsches from 1987-1989 is the ideal years to buy. You can’t go wrong with this used car.



  • An RX- 7 it’s nimble, fast, and beautiful and won’t damage your wallet due to fuel costs. But you have to keep it well maintained.



  • 1993-1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s basically bulletproof with a 4.5 inline engine, plus it has a little bit of luxury included too.



  • 2001-2005 BMW M Roadster. It’s just going to be a coupe that you’re going to fall in love with.



  • 2001- 2006 BMW M3. These are just a joy to drive and to have one in your driveway is great.



  • 2000-2009 Honda S2000 it’s fast, reliable, and beautiful. It’s a sports car. Buy smart any model after 2004.



  • Buy a 2006-2008 Audi RS4. It’s clean yes it will set you back a bit like ($30K) but just think you’ll own an Audi.


Buying used cars in Florida is where you want to go. Ideally, if you’re in the market for a used car you want to look in Miami. But you can find used cars all across Florida.


The used car prices in Florida are usually cheap to buy. When you buy a used car, in general, you don’t want to be burned financially or your auto loan rates are too high because of your credit score.