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Used Car Financing in Chicago Illinois 


Focusing on a used car may be better than focusing on a new car with bad credit. Why do we say that? Because the financing is better and the insurance on a used car is going to be cheaper. Plus you don't want to fall for the tricks of a car salesman. They honestly inflate car prices to get you to purchase a car and at times they can make you feel guilty. 

That's why we want you to know exactly what your buying on our car dealers car lots in Chicago

If you have a trade in for a car and want to upgrade to a new model of the car you are in be careful as some car dealers want to start at a low appraisal for your trade-in. Don't go for the low trade in value, know what your current used car is worth. 

We have a used car inventory that you can look at to see if you find the used car you are looking for and base the prices off of that. Know what you are buying before you cross over to the car dealerships car lot. 

You want to make sure you are buying what the car dealer is selling 


More often than not the car dealers will offer you a price so low you will be happy to accept but watch out because they may come back to you and say you weren't approved but you were approved for this used car or new car. Car dealerships do it all the time so know your information on the car you want in Chicago. Car dealers might have no money down options on used cars in Chicago

Knowing your budget and sticking to it will help you out too! Don't fall for anything at the car dealership you want to work with numbers and not whats good for the car (in some aspects). Have a hand full of used cars you want to test drive and that are affordable with the down payment you have and budget. 

If your looking for auto financing in Chicago


Work with a car dealership that is local in Chicago that has the auto financing you need. Don't agree to anything financing wise on the first trip to the car dealer. You want the price to work for you, because your the one buying the used car, so if you have to wait for a car deal you want.