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Avoid Overpaying For Used Cars

The Credit Pros

Car buyers are frustrated they can’t really find an affordable used car in areas like Cincinnati. A starter car which is considered a first car that was once priced at $9,000 or under is now $20,000 for a used car. That’s insane to pay that much for any kind of vehicle you need.

What used car buyers are having issues with?

used cars

What some car buyers are running into now with used cars is they are either too expensive or they have too many miles on them. When you’re looking at cars with low miles and when I say low miles I mean 50,000 or less you’re looking at a price tag of $25,000 that’s just insane for used.

It’s across the board even for those three-year-old used cars that everyone says to go after they are about as cheap as a new car. This used car market for buyers is BAD!

Part of the issue for the prices of used cars is because there is a massive shortage of new cars at almost every car dealership you look at, drive-by, or walk into. There are limited options for cars in general right now. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for dealers may hold four to six new cars on their lot because that’s all they can move.

Not to mention, you are now shopping used cars everywhere with accident reports and high miles, in the 150,000 range that will probably have issues in about three to six months after you drive it off the car lot. Just be careful with the car dealership you buy from or the vehicles your look at you want a clean title.

What can you do for buying used cars?

How people are still finding affordable used cars. You need to expand out your search area for the vehicles you want. What car buyers are doing now is looking at car dealers 2-3 hours outside of the house if they have the vehicle they want.

  • Car buyers are looking on marketplaces
  • Asking friends and neighbors if they know of any local used cars for sale
  • Looking at online used car inventory websites and using those tools. You still might be able to find a used car that is priced right in some areas.

Our used cars suggestion

One suggestion I have maybe look to downgrade or look for a smaller vehicle. The vehicles that still have the best value are sedans. Maybe pass on an SUV if you can get into a sedan and save thousands.

It probably doesn’t help with anyone really is going to car dealerships anymore everyone seems to be shopping for used cars at home and having them delivered. Just make sure the auto financing is something that you can afford for a used car month to month.

Every car dealership is having a shortage of new cars or used cars not just in Ohio but in areas of Chicago, New York, Madison WI, Milwaukee WI, and Philadephia are some areas that are struggling also with used car prices.