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Craigslist used car tools

Now, this is a shot in the pants for anyone looking for a pre-owned or a used car and uses the website Starting April 15th is going to charge $5 to list your used car.


Goodbye to Craigslist free used car posting


Goodbye to the private seller posting for free. Car dealerships have always had to pay $5 to post a pre-owned car.


Some car dealerships even posted in the “private seller” section to avoid paying the $5 and if you’re in the car business? We have all done it.


Let’s face it was great if you wanted to try and sell multiple used cars in multiple cities fast.


After starts charging $5 for posting used cars your not going to be able to post anywhere online for free if you want to sell your used car.


Using alternatively used car tools online


You’re going to have to start using used car tools to find the right pre-owned car in your area. This can suck for multiple car dealerships and the ultimate way to get rid of your used car fast.


But the positive that might come out of this is that you won’t be scammed into a used car listing anymore. It would be a waste of $5.



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