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How To Buy Local Used Cars From Used Car Dealers

local used cars for sale

Let me just say that there were a lot of used cars sold this year and there is more to come if you want to join the masses? Just be smart about the way you buy local used cars.

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Used car dealers are in business to make money and that’s the bottom line. But you don’t want what most people call buyers remorse.


You want to save money with a local used car and you can’t do that unless you know how to buy a local used car from the car dealership.


How to buy a used car with low money payments


The average used car is now about $20K with that said you ideally want to set a budget. Your budget will actually help you narrow down the used car you can afford.


I’m not saying that you have to seek out a $99 down car lot just know what you can spend on a used car at any local car dealership.


The way to judge if you have a “good” budget is that you shouldn’t spend more than 25% of your income on a used car. To be really smart about it doesn’t go over 10% of your income.


Secure financing before you head to the car dealer. This allows you to be ahead of the game when you get pre-approved that gives you the car buyer the power to negotiate as a cash buyer really.


You will want to shop for the best auto loan rates and how to do that is compare used cars and compare rates from both banks and used car dealerships.


Look at what you’re getting back in return. Used cars with no money down might not be worth it for some people. Keep shopping.


Another way to look at buying a used car can be to span out your radius for a used car you don’t always have to stay close to home when purchasing a used vehicle.


Expanding your search a little bit can actually save you money. Here is an example is that if you’re looking for a used car in Chattanooga? Maybe looking in Atlanta can save you some money on a used car.

Opening up that radius might make you rethink the used cars you want to look at is all I’m saying.


Research the prices of the used car but make sure you work to get a true price; yes pricing factors will vary so you have to watch out for that. The thing that I may encourage you to do is shop maybe a used car three to five years old but nothing over seven.


Go to as many car dealerships locally and not so local as you can find used cars that your interest in and start a bidding war that’s really how you’re going to get the best price. Never just go to one car dealer that’s a sin in used car buying.


If the car dealer won’t budge on the pricing don’t give up just start negotiating the financing or “packages” they can throw in for you.


It’s okay to throw out the first price. Dealers will want to go back and forth, to be honest. So work it out with the local car dealership.


Take it for test drive make sure you like it. You are trying to buy it you want to make sure it’s the right car for you.  You want to listen for noises and make sure the interior is to your standards. Make sure that everything in the car works.


Have it professionally inspected and little money now can save you thousands down the road. Most repair shops will help identify any issues now and down the road so it’s worth it in the end.


It’s a smart idea to factor in insurance cost for a used vehicle if you are on the fence about a used car and one has cheap insurance offers you might be able to save yourself twice the money.


Take your time buying a used car anytime


You don’t want to buy a car you don’t love its too stressful, so I urge you to do your homework and shop around and it’s always okay to walk away from a used car.