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How Used Car Dealer Purchases Can Be Done Incorrectly

used car dealer purchases

If you’re in the market for a used car? Rather you’re in need of a family car or a daily driver. Purchasing a used car can be a hassle if done incorrectly. Research is the key factor for most used car dealer purchases.


Last year there were about 14,000 used car purchasing complaints.

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Let’s just say this that buying a used car can be a daunting experience for most people. It’s the second-largest purchase you’re going to make besides buying a house.


Buying used cars is an affordable option for most


Buying a used car over a new car can be the affordable way to go but you have your risk that’s why we encourage every car buyer to do their homework on a used car dealership near them and a used car for sale near them.


Ideally used car buying comes down to what you can afford and what’s going to work comfortably for you. No need to really go overboard, you can always see what the upgrades could be.


A lot of used car experts are going to urge you to do the following when shopping the nearest used cars.


  1. Do your homework this is the most important step of all. You want to know what you’re buying no matter what the car dealer advertises. Check the records of the used car beforehand. You want to be protected.



  1. You want to be aware of the used car rule. Which is the car dealership needs to give you all the information on the used car and repairs with how much the repairs would cost if the car was to be sold “as is”. They need to give you a buyer’s guide for the used car.



  1. Know the VIN which is on the driver’s side of the dashboard. Run the history of the used vehicle to make sure everything checks out.



  1. Test drive the used car to see what it feels like. Take it on all types of terrain and make sure your comfortable driving it. Check the brakes and for any noises like when the vehicle is at a red light.



  1. Has the vehicle looked at by a professional mechanic? If the car salesman doesn’t allow for this start looking elsewhere. Also, you want to have an outside mechanic look at it not one of the car dealer mechanics.



  1. Look at certified pre-owned vehicles (CPO) as they are inspected before going out on the car lot and some cars might even still be under warranty.



  1. Make sure you read the contract and understand it. Look to make sure there isn’t anything misleading and everything for the used car is spelled out, like financing and warranties.


Watch for the right used car purchase


Don’t get tangled in a used car purchase you don’t want to look, listen and watch for the right used car and make sure it’s what you want for the next five years or so.


The car dealer might want to pull a fast one on you but being prepared will close any hopes.

Find used cars near you online in minutes! With bad credit or No Credit
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