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Looking For New or Used Vehicles? Waiting Might Be Best

If you’re looking to purchase new or used cars wait six months they say now. Yes, high prices on new cars and used cars will be around for a while. You might be able to catch yourself a used car deal this autumn though as car prices are to come down.

Auto Industry issues still

used cars

We have major issues with our global economic problem that keeps new and used car prices high. A new car at $45,000, I think not. It’s partly the chip shortage issue we have but the price of raw materials is spiking the cost of vehicles. 

That’s why most Americans are buying vehicles at such a high price of $45,000 to $46,000. It’s insane, no one can really afford a car at that price point let’s be honest. The raw materials to make a new car are at an all-time high and it’s creating a disaster for the auto industry.

Even essential materials for electric vehicles such as components for the batteries have spiked. How are you going to create electric cars if you have no raw materials because there so highly-priced? 

Used car prices are not moving

Used cars on the market haven’t moved really price-wise either. Car buyers are spending about $10,000 more for a used car. Used car prices keep going up and up and this is since June.

The ideal thing to do is to try and land a new vehicle at the best price possible but in your area of Chicago, South Bend, or New York that might not be available to you right now. We are on track right now as the new vehicle demand is high but constrained you won’t find better car deals next year either.

Find the best car deal at your local car dealership

Car buyers are trying to wait it out for better deals but they’re going to be waiting a while. If you’re buying new or used cars now there are so many factors in play like your local car market, the brand, and the local car dealership you’re shopping at.

Just like two years ago it’s suggested that you wait to buy a car until the inventories come back. You can always look at lease deals at your local car dealership as an option you might be able to find a deal that way.

Look at it this way when car lots in your local area have more new or used cars sitting on their lot for sale that’s going to force car deals and lower prices but you don’t see that right now because the demand isn’t there just yet.

If you want to part ways with your current car the best shot you have at getting a new car is to know your trade-in value, the down payment you want to make for the vehicle, and how strict of a car budget you want to be on.

You just have to take your time comparing vehicles

But this all comes with the proper research to know what is happening in your local car market if you’re looking for new and used cars. Compare prices for vehicles at local car lots and make sure you shop around even the big listing car sites like or,, and a good one so you can find out the true value of the vehicle and what you have for trade-in value.

For a used vehicle find the one you want and then compare it to what other dealers or websites are offering and see what kind of pricing deal you can get. It’s going to take time and doing some digging, sorry.