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The Misconception of Used Car Buying

The Credit Pros

If you are in the market for used cars in the area of Chicago, South Bend or New York here are a few tips for you to not get hosed on a good used car deal if your local car dealership has them.

The most common misconceptions about used car buying

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In The Market For Used Cars?

Finding a used car can be hard. Heck finding any car can be hard. Just make sure you have the financing set in place before you buy and read the fine print.

There are a lot of people right now in the United States that are actually unhappy with their used car purchase and the sad thing is there isn’t a lot that can be done. When buying a used car in many heavily populated metros there can be misconceptions when purchasing used cars.

They can be some of the following:

  1. There is a three-day cooling-off rule this rule doesn’t apply to the purchase of a vehicle. The rule only applies in certain sceneries.
  2. The lemon law kicks in there is no lemon law for used cars in Chicago, Houston, or Phoenix. The lemon law only applies to new cars
  3. Most car buyers now think there is a 30-day return policy on new and used cars and that’s not true. You need to read all the print of a car loan in the state where you live.

What you need to ask when buying used cars

What you can do is consider the following when you buy any type of new or used car at a local car dealership.

  1. Take time to read the car loan policy and even the warranty because you could be paying for something on the car that you don’t agree with.
  2. Ask all the questions you can and remember if you don’t like the answer you’re given for the vehicle you don’t have to sign and you can walk.
  3. Don’t take the car dealership for what they say get it in writing. Spoken agreements are hard to prove and enforce so get everything you can in writing.
  4. Unless you’re paying for the car in cash never drive off the car lot without auto financing in place. You want to shop around car deals in your local area first and then move on to a wide radius. Or work with car dealers that have the financing you need for the used car you can budget for.

All car dealerships have low down payment used cars in large metros it’s just sometimes knowing the right time to buy.