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Tips For Winter Driving a New or Used Car

Before buying a used car

Regardless of where you live everyone tries to avoid driving in the winter months and most likely stores their cars in the garage. No matter how you slice it winter driving is dangerous.


But if you know how to drive in the snow and trust me 99.5% of us don’t I still want to keep you safe during winter driving or at least try.


Tips for winter driving if you have too


  1. If you have to park outside protect your mirrors. This can save time for cleaning off your mirrors in the morning after a snowy night. But on the other hand who the heck is going to want to stand outside for about ten minutes to tie plastic bags to their car? I mean some people may do this for a week or two.
  2. Carry hand sanitizer for your keys. Why because if your locks are frozen that can help. Hand sanitizer has alcohol in it so it melts the ice. But most cars should have key fobs to open the locks now.
  3. Use shaving cream for the fogginess of your windshield. Shaving cream as ingredients of what some de-foggers have. Put the shaving cream on the inside of your windshield and wipe it down it can prevent foggy windshields. You should use the technique when you go for car washes.
  4. Use cooking spray for your doors so they don’t freeze. Wipe it down with a paper towel. Cooking spray prevents freezing.
  5. Cover your wipes with socks. Again it works but not going to have clean white socks handy in the car and at work. It prevents the wipers from getting icy and sticking to your windshield.
  6. Check your tire track with a penny. Put Lincoln’s head pointing down towards the tire if his head disappears you are good for winter driving. If the tire only covers to the top of his head its time for new tires.
  7. If your car gets stuck with the snow or ice? Use kitty litter or road salt and put it behind your rear tires.
  8. Let some cold air into the car before heating up the car it will help defrost the windows.
  9. Having liquids in your car can actually create more frost for your car and it might take longer to defrost your car in the morning.


When you drive in the winter just take it slow and give yourself extra time to get from place to place. Take it slow and be careful. Also, get a “check up” on your used cars every year once your car is at least five years old.

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