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What Bad Traffic Can Do To Your Used Car

used cars for bad credit in Los AngelesTraffic is part of the reason your used car takes on a lot of wear and tear. Driving in traffic is never fun and it takes a toll on your used car more than you think.


Most people think that the less you drive the better and I would have to agree with them. You don’t want to put a lot of miles on your car unless you’re going to drive it into the ground and with used cars lasting longer on the roads, it might not be a bad idea.


Traffic sucks no matter where you’re at but its even worst in some of these cities and people might need to purchase a more reliable used car than having to repair their current car every couple of months.


Here are some of the worst cities to travel in with the traffic. Along with how many hours people sit in traffic and it’s not fun.


  1. Los Angeles is 102 hours on average.
  2. New York City is 91 hours on average.
  3. San Francisco is 79 hours on average.
  4. Atlanta is 70 hours on average.
  5. Miami is 64 hours on average.
  6. Washington DC is 63 hours on average.
  7. Boston is 60 hours on average.
  8. Chicago is 57 hours on average.
  9. Seattle is 55 hours on average.
  10. Dallas is 54 hours on average.


With all the time spent in traffic that takes a beating on a used car. So you want to make sure your car is running smooth.


Looking out for a used car deal in Los Angeles California


And with interest rates to hike who knows what you can get for an affordable used car at a local car dealership in Los Angeles.


When you have a long commute and need a reliable vehicle make sure you have it inspected to meet your needs and look at how many miles the vehicle has to make your decision. If it has 50K to 80K you should be okay might just need new tires.


If you’re looking to see what kind of down payment you need for a car loan in Los Angeles we are here to help you lead the way for a used car or a CPO vehicle in Los Angeles.