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What You Should Do Before Buying a Used Car

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Before buying a used car

When you are buying a used car you need to do a few steps prior to the purchase. Before the car purchase you need to have the used car inspected it the proper way to cover your butt with a used car.


What to do before buying a used car


You must make sure the vehicle is in running condition before you buy it. You want to make sure the vehicle isn’t going to take a crap before you get it off the car lot. See if the car has any leaks or body work that needs to be done to it.


So you want to do your homework and not sink a lot of cash into the car. This is where you make the moves of shopping different car dealers and their offers.


Make sure you know what you’re getting into for a no money down car offer they can be tricky depending on the car dealership.


Also, when buying a used car you want to know that car is equipped with a spare tire make sure it has the jack that came with the car and the wheel locks because you can get screwed with used cars that are turned in.


Lastly when you are buying a used car no matter what you want to make it yours so add some personal touches to it and fix it up a bit. Add new floor mats and get it detailed. There are a lot of people that love to spend about $300 a year detailing their car.


Honestly you just want to keep the used car in working order for about five to seven years.


I have always been told to pay attention to the details when it comes time to buying a used car because you can buy someone else’s problem and car dealerships can hide lot of over looked issues.


Be licensed and insured with a used car before you buy


Before you sign the papers for the car switch over the auto insurance some states don’t even allow you to drive a car without insurance and there are a lot of car loans that require full coverage on the car until the car loan is paid off.


Getting it licensed, registered, and insured will help you avoid a lot of hoops to jump through especially at the car dealership. It can be a real pain in the neck and have you at the car dealer for 4+ hours if your not careful.