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Your Used Car May Have More Value Now

used car value

Now might be the time to trade in your used car for an upgrade. There are a lot of car dealerships that are looking for used cars. Find out what a car dealer will give you for used car value.

Your used car might be worth a lot more than you think to a neighborhood car dealer. It’s no surprise there is a used car shortage almost everywhere.

Where to find used cars

Finding used cars in Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland at the price you. It might be time to shop if you need a vehicle. Used cars right now are being priced better than new cars in some areas.

Car dealers are offering incentives

Car dealers are offering bargains to have you come into their car dealerships. But let’s not forget that last year was the best year to buy a car.

Even though you might be considering a used car you want to watch the used car prices as they are going up and up because most car consumers aren’t looking at new cars because of the shortage of them.

So you may have a gem in your garage right now is all that we are saying and if you want to upgrade as of right now this might be your chance.

What to do with your used car

The best thing you could possibly do is fix up your used car and drive it for the next year. Your next option might be to look at other models of vehicles and see if any of those used car options will work for you.

You honestly don’t want to get into an overpriced used car unless you have to. If it’s cheaper to fix the used car you have now done that and again watch the prices of used cars as they change weekly in your area.

A lower-demand SUV or Sedan might be on the car lot that you can get at a decent price because the car dealer has to sell the car.

SUVs are going for about low 30’s right now and if you can watch them over the next few weeks you might see a drop because no one is super interested in SUVs.

But know that used cars are holding higher value to buyers because of the new car shortage and its everywhere.