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How to Get Voice Assistance in your Used Car with your Smartphone

voice assistance for a used carNow this is pretty sweet Alexia in your car. Now if you have an Alexia in your house you know how it works. Just say Alexia’s name and she will get you the information you’re looking for. It does’t matter if you have a new car or a used car you can still use the device.


To have this capability in your car is going to be a treat. Alexia is a12V adapter for your car and once you plug it in the device goes to work being your personal assistant.

What voice assistance can help you with in your car?


You can ask it to play music, make a to do list, and ask for directions on the spot. The Alexia device is also a charger to keep your phone charged for any trip. You can get this device for $49.99. It’s a great idea to have voice assistance in any car as it can make the drive that much more peaceful.


If your looking for a voice assistance car new or used in your local area? We can lend some direction on auto financing for good and bad credit. We have used car dealers that are tailored to any credit situation.


Are you looking for voice assistance in your car?

Voice assistance for your car

More and more drivers are looking for voice assistance cars and most auto makers are making these standard to help you on the road.


But a budget for this kind of car is something you need to keep in mind. Because they can get a little pricey so a down payment should be in mind for a used car or new car.


A down payment can help make the auto loan for your car more manageable and the loan term for the car not as long. It’s always a good idea to shop and compare down payments and interest rates with car dealers. It can save you a lot of cash and help improve your credit score.



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