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Why Automakers Need To Focus on Women Car Buyers

focus on women car buyers

What most of us don’t get is that women are a large contributor to new car sales and used car sale nationwide. Right now, about 62% of women buy used cars. Here is why automakers need to focus on women car buyers.


The trend for buying new and used cars now


More and more automakers are seeing this as a trend. Believe or not women look at sedans over SUV’s and trucks.


Yes, cars are mostly a mans world but its slowly becoming a thing that women do too. Now women go after new cars more often than not.


So what does that have to do with car dealerships? They need to make women more comfortable at buying cars because that’s becoming the demographic.


One way to look at this shift is, whoever makes the shift to making women comfortable at buying new and even used cars at their car dealerships will probably win the market share.


Yes, automakers want to sell more trucks and SUV’s because they make more money but really who are buying cars now?


Most women are honestly nervous about going into a car dealership because they feel they are going to be cheated and that shouldn’t be the case.


What automakers need to focus on women car buyers


The thing is automakers and car dealerships will need to cater to women that buy new and used cars and if you do you will WIN! It’s plain and simple for car sales and car people.


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