Work The Price You Want at The Car Dealer

bad credit car dealers in Atlanta GA

Car dealers can help you find the right car for any one. Bad credit, good credit it doesn’t matter there are tons of credit options at your local car dealer. But we recommend that you look online at your local car dealerships before you go walking in.

Why you might ask? Because car dealers can be pushy with their sales pitch and if you go into the car dealer knowing what you want in a car, like style, miles, color, and model. There are less likely to chew at you to get the wrong car that benefits them.

They can see a educated car buyer and know not to up sell them on any upgrades for the car.  The more knowledge you have before you go to the car dealership the better chance you will have at driving off the car lot with the car you want and the auto loan rate you want.

A lot of car dealers offer auto financing or special financing but you have to be careful because they will run your credit and see your approved for a $20K car but at a 7% interest and won’t tell you till the last minute before you sign.

And at this time you have spent 3 hours at the car dealer and just want to go home. But you know what you can do chew them down on the price.

People do it all the time but start low, like $14,500 and see what they can work out for you. Car dealers can always throw in rebates for cars. They will go talk to the dealer manager for 30 minutes and probably come back with a stupid number like $18,500 because they want to make it sound like they did something with that $500 number for you.

But stay firm at your $14,500 and tell them you’ll walk if they don’t come down any. And that is how you work a car dealer for the price you want.