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If you have bad credit and need a car we have the auto loan options for you to get approved today and drive away happy.

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Are you looking for sedans, trucks, or SUVS? We have a wide selection of new and used cars even if your credit score isn’t the best you can still get auto financing.

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Bad credit auto financing in Stoy Illinois

People in Stoy Illinois are always trying to find the best car loan deals on used cars. You want to make sure you include the total cost of auto financing when you buy a new or used car.


When you are financing a car you want to not only think about it in monthly cost buy in overall cost of the car.  Used cars depreciate like crazy.


Buying a used car in Stoy Illinois is about knowing what you can afford.

What to consider for a used car in Stoy Illinois

There are a lot of things you should do before you head out to the car dealership. You can usually buy a car with really bad credit but you will pay a lot in interest and banks make it easy for them to repossess your used car if you don’t pay.

Now if you have bad credit and you get approved for an auto loan chances are your not going to ask for a lower rate option and car dealers in Stoy Illinois are aware of this and make a lot of money when you don’t ask.

When a car dealership in Stoy Illinois advertises low-interest rates they are usually talking to the car buyers that have good credit 750 or above not the 580 or below.

If you have a credit score under 650 you can at times see an auto loan rate at 10% or above that’s why you want to check your credit score and not at the car dealership.

used cars under 12K in Stoy Illinois

No money down cars in Stoy Illinois

Most car dealers offer no money down in Stoy Illinois or low money down to car buyers in Stoy IL that have a 700 credit score or better because they are less of a risk on the auto loan.

Checking your credit score is the best thing you can do for a used car in Stoy Illinois because it will tell you what you can afford.

Get pre-approved before the car dealership tries an online lender or a credit union. You want to work with a bank you have a history with because they will give you the best auto loan rate. You might want to see through what rate the car dealer can offer with the bank’s rate in your back pocket.

Try and keep your auto loan rate term short with bad credit if you can try for four to five years max. The shorter the term better but it can also mean more money down at the car dealership.

The longer the auto loan term the more your paying in interest so be careful. Just don’t go over a term that’s more than five years it’s not good for your credit.

You want to put money down if you have bad credit. Most car dealers suggest 10% some say 20% but if you have bad credit you don’t want to go with no money down because you will have a high-interest rate and a longer one.

If the car dealership in Stoy isn’t asking for a down payment you should at least put a little down on the used car even if its $300 down on the car in Stoy Illinois.

No money down cars in Stoy Illinois is only good for car buyers with good credit and even that can get tricky with the car dealers.

No money down for good credit in Stoy Illinois

No money down cars in Stoy IL is good if and only if you want to put a large payment on your monthly car payment but some people do like to do that.

You want to make sure you pay taxes and fees with cash. Most car dealers will roll that into the auto financing and it might shoot up the monthly payments. They are called “extras” with some car dealers. Pay cash for the used car and you can say no to the extras.