How You Can Buy a Used Car With a Low Down Payment in Philadelphia

used car with low money down in Philadelphia



Selecting a car, in general, can be challenging for most people even if you have good credit. But in reality and I’m going to start off fast, you don’t need a sporty car or used car. What you need is a sturdy, reliable car, if that’s a used car that’s fine. Continue reading

Philadelphia Used Cars for Bad Credit and no down payment options available

If you have no credit or bad credit in the Philadelphia area don’t worry we have the car dealership market you need for a bad credit auto loan.


Bad credit can mean a lot of things but not getting a fair deal on a new or used car is one we don’t believe in. Continue reading

Are you credit wise with buying a used car in Philadelphia with bad credit

bad credit car loans in Philadelphia low money downLet me ask you a question are you credit wise? Now its not a stupid question but do you know your credit score before you sit down and shop for a car online?


Did you know that most people don’t know their credit score at all and that can get you into trouble with car buying because your stuck with an auto loan rate that’s sky high. Continue reading